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8 Time Saving Tips to Ease Your Morning

I am a night person.  Mornings are for others, it comes too early in the day.  My husband, on the other hand, is a chipper bird ready to go and do.  My mind rejects such earliness, but alas, mornings come anyway.

Let me share a few things I’ve learned over the years to help you make it through morning brain fog and keep things running smoothly.

8 time saving tips wake up no snooze bitmoji getting up

Get Out of Bed Immediately – No dawdling, no snooze.  Feet on the floor as soon as the alarm sounds.  Engage your body, your brain will catch up!

Put Your Coffee Maker on Auto-Pilot – Set it the night before and wake up to fresh brewed coffee, mmm…that smells like energy in a cup.

Make Breakfast the Night Before – Whether it’s oatmeal or scrambled eggs make it up before bed and wrap it in a microwave safe plate.  Voila! Reheat in the morning and enjoy.

mwm bp 8 time saving morning woman holding 2 dresses november 2018Lay Clothes Out the Night Before – Eliminate wasting time thinking about it so early.  Your brain hasn’t caught up yet.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum – Keep the television off and phone use to a minimum.  Try listening to the news on the radio it’s less distracting.  You’ll be surprised how much time is saved skipping social media in the morning.

Pack Lunches the Night Before – Prepacked and ready to go!  One less morning time bandit.

Create a ‘Take Pile’ – Create an area, box, etc., that has the items you will be taking with you in the morning.  No more last-minute looking for keys, wallets or homework – it’s in the ‘Take Pile.’

mwm bp 8 tips for morning ease fuel pump november 2018


Gas in the Tank – No, not you silly, the car!  No need to stop for gas on your way to taking the kids to school or going to work.  A quick tank check before you go home for the night can save you precious time in the morning.


With all the time you’ve saved, treat yourself to 10-15 minutes more sleep, you’ve earned it!!mwm bp 8 time saving morning bitmoji all the best november 2018

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