Self Improvement

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mood

bp frog grumpy 7 simple improve moodWe’ve all been there right?  That place where everyone and everything is two seconds away from being on the receiving end of your wrath?  But wait!  Before you go off the deep end let’s take a moment and go over some ways to prevent a bad mood.  An ounce of prevention cures a pound of pain, so they say.  I don’t know who ‘they‘ are but it sounds about right!

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mood

  1. Smile! – You can do it, it’s easy!  Just raise those mouth corners to the upright position.  There you go, nice job!!  Psychologists have stated a smile releases the ‘feel good’ chemicals in our brain.  I’m smiling right now!  mwm bp kyle smile static hair nov 2018
  2. Say Thank you! – For what?! Well, for anything and everything!  For your job, your kids, your car starting this morning, for the little things in your life, like electricity, clean water.  Being grateful brings positive thoughts to mind, and being positive helps improve bad moods.
  3. Acknowledge then Release it – We get in bad moods, it’s okay, it’s normal.  What we can’t let ourselves do is hold onto that thing which we perceive as placing us there.  Sometimes we have to say, “Yes, I’m upset about X, Y, or Z.  I feel mad, rejected, sad, etc.  I cannot do anything to change it so I release it, I will not carry it with me.  I let go of it.”  Something like that, for me sometimes I get stressed about things beyond my control and I have to physically say, “I release you.” “you” being what ever the issue is.  Say it several times, get that poison out and off you.  bp 7 simple improve mood linda thumbs up nov 2018
  4. I’m Awesome! – Okay, not like you’re all that and a bag of chips.  More like the, ‘I’m okay, I got this, I can do it, I’ve got this because I am awesome and I love myself.  I’m awesome.’  A mini pep talk to boost your spirits and internal morale.  You are awesome by the way, keep thinking positively and kick those negative thoughts out – they’re not paying rent, they got to go!
  5. Give Yourself Permission – Things are not perfect, nor should they be.  We put our goals and expectations up so high sometimes that it’s not even possible to reach them.  Give yourself permission to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner, to wash the clothes later, to let the kids go to bed without their bath this once.  It’s a moment in time and does not make up the whole of who you are.  It’s okay to take time off to reset regroup and come back refreshed.
  6. Write Down 3 Happy Memories – First 3 that come to mind, hurry quick, don’t think too hard or long on this!  You’ll surprise yourself with what comes to mind.  Those happy thoughts will put you in a good mood. mwm bp 7 simple mood hand holding flowers nov 2018
  7. Random Act of Kindness – This is my favorite thing on the list.  It’s such a wonderful way to change my mood.  Sometimes if I’m at a drive thru I’ll pay for the next person’s order and ask the cashier to tell them to have a nice day.  I’m uncomfortable with the recognition of doing it and try to keep it low-key.  We never know what someone else is going through and if this random act of kindness helps that person make it through their day then that’s a great thing.  Try it sometime, buy the person in line behind you their coffee.

Now, go do wonderful things and take your happy mood with you! mwm bp 8 time saving morning bitmoji all the best november 2018

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