About Us


I am an adventurer at heart.  Having worked in business office administration for over 14 years I have gained valuable management skills and experience.  Mother of three sons; 20, 19 and our surprise 3 year old blessing Kyle.  I spent the first 17 years of our 28 year and counting marriage as a military wife.  This allowed me to experience many cultures and make life long friendships.  I returned to college as an adult learner and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BS in Business Administration Management.  Within weeks of graduation, my love for writing melded with my adventurers heart creating Miles With Millers.  With the road ahead I look forward to sharing my days with family and my experiences with others.  My passion is to encourage and inspire others to follow their dreams and to keep moving forward.


Jon spent 23 years as a Submariner in the United States Navy.  After returning from the depths of the ocean he retired at the young age of 41 and began his 2nd career in the civilian world.  His intelligence and can do attitude has led him to a VP position in a national manufacturing corporation.  He spends his free time building computers, home networks, engine motors, training for bicycle events, and most importantly, spending quality time with our children.  He is the smartest person I know, I mean, his intelligence and recall is an amazing thing to witness!


He’s 3, he’s cute, maybe a little spoiled, and loved by us all.  He likes Paw Patrol, riding his bicycle and racing everyone around the house.  Lucky enough to have his brothers still live at home, Kyle never lacks attention and care.  His dream is to take his Hot Wheels cars to the beach and play in the sand.  He loves our dog Larry and you will often find him slipping Larry bits of food from his plate.  Kyle is a tender-hearted young boy who sees the world in awe and wonder – as we all should at times!