Crock Pot HOBO Dinner Deliciousness!

What can be bought in many sizes, has the ability to save time in the kitchen, and makes clean up a breeze while providing a balanced meal in just one pot?  Why, the Crock Pot of course! I'm a firm believer in easy prep, easy clean-up, set it and do something else while your dinner… Continue reading Crock Pot HOBO Dinner Deliciousness!



The next time I think I can shop and compare with a three-year old in tow, remind me that, I HAVE A 3 YEAR OLD! Starting the research on which truck camper to buy is pretty easy when sitting on the couch sipping a glass of wine in comfy bunny covered pjs at 9 o'clock… Continue reading I HAVE A 3 YEAR OLD

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8 Time Saving Tips to Ease Your Morning

I am a night person.  Mornings are for others, it comes too early in the day.  My husband, on the other hand, is a chipper bird ready to go and...


12 Road Trip Activities for Youngins

You’ve planned your route, found interesting facts about your destinations and can’t wait to share them with your three-year-old.  After all, they really like dinosaurs and castles!  This is going to be a great trip, you can feel it.  The hard work was getting the dog sitter to agree to the dates and putting a… Continue reading 12 Road Trip Activities for Youngins

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2 Great Reasons Why an Atlas is still an Adventurer’s Friend

When was the last time you (or someone you know) used a map?  I'm 45, and I can honestly say, I don't remember the time before GPS.  Okay, I remember it, but the map thing, well, was never my thing.  My husband and I learned early on in our marriage (before cell phones or in-car… Continue reading 2 Great Reasons Why an Atlas is still an Adventurer’s Friend